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Friday, 15 January 2016 12:43

Outlook 365

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Why Outlook 365?

Outlook is a Free Web E-mail service by the Microsoft. Just like the Google Mail, Yahoo Mail and AOL Mail, Microsoft offers the e-mail service called as Outlook. It is also named as Outlook365. It is a free service to keep you connected always with all the Microsoft Productivity services and powerful organizational tools, and you can use outlook 365 login or email to sign into all the Microsoft apps and services.

It can be clearly stated “One Single Address for all your Microsoft related Apps and Services”.

It doesn’t just connect you with your e-mail inbox, but lets you sign into Skype and Skydrive as well, with the same account. It connects with your Windows Phone and syncs all your calendar events and contacts as well with your Windows 10 PC. Keeps you connected.


The Outlook mobile app is available on all the major Smartphone Operating platforms like Android, iOS and Windows Phones as well.

The best thing why more people like to prefer the Outlook is, “It has very lesser ads (in fact seems like having No ads), and has a clean and clutter-free UI to work on. It gives users a good feel and it lets you see more of your messages, preferring NO Junk e-mail (very lesser).

The Features offered in a glance:

Sweep - Easily delete hundreds of e-mails based too based on date range in just a span of seconds. You can even manage rules in such a way to delete any unwanted email, before it arrives into your inbox.

Unsubscribe – Annoying ads or deals or unwanted e-mail that disturbs you frequently can be easily got rid of with Un-subscription.

Categorization – Categorize all your e-mail to the folders of your choice with ease by creating custom categories.

Active View - When you get an email with photos or any video, Outlook turns those photo-view as a Slideshow, and the Youtube videos you get play right there in the inbox. You can download the photos to your device or Save them to Onedrive.

Skype Chat - As the Skype is always connected, you can instantly chat and call your Skype Contacts from the Skype tab above.

Switch – When you want to switch from another email services like the Gmail, Yahoo or any other, you can easily do it by the import wizard which automatically migrates all your contacts and emails from the old one to the newer Outlook 365 mail.

Cloud – As always connected with your free or paid Onedrive Storage, you can instantly edit the files or save them online to the cloud to access them everywhere.

All and all, Outlook 365 is your one source platform if you prefer like switching from your existing e-mail service. It is beneficiary too as all the Microsoft apps and their services do require you to have one.

What do you think? Do you like to switch to Outlook 365? To know more about Outlook365 then access any of the following links 24/7 and 365 days:



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