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Tuesday, 26 January 2016 11:55

USPS Tracking

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Benefits of USPS Tracking

USPS is an abbreviated name for the US Government’s Postal Service. The full form is United States Postal Service, also called the US Mail or the Post Office or the Postal Service is a Postal Service company as known already. United States Federal Government is responsible for providing the Postal Service in the United States and the USPS is an independent agency.

The USPS Headquarters is situated in the Washington D.C., and is found 44 years ago on July 1, 1971. The present CEO is Megan Brennan. As of February 17, 2015 the company stated it has an approximate of 617,254 employees (486,822 in career and 130,432 non-career staff). As of 2014, the USPS operated around 211,242 vehicles. The USPS works on the principle to serve all the Americans at a Uniform Price and Quality, regardless of the Geographical boundaries.

Main Competitors: Private Package delivery organizations like the UPS and Fed-Ex.

The revenue in 2014 was estimated to be $67.8 billion USD,that resulted just because of losing around $5.5 billion USD. Before the creation of USPS, the US Government postal service used a pony logo, where after USPS was created, used the Eagle logo since 1993 ever since now, making small changes regardless of the permanent Eagle standing strong without any change.


It is said that as of 2014, the USPS operates around 31,000 post offices and locations all around the US, and delivers 155 billion pieces of mail annually. To deliver the mail for the Military, the USPS and the defense department jointly operate a postal system delivery called the “Army Post Office” for the Army and Air Force, while the “Fleet Post Office” for the Navy, Marine Guards and Coast Guards too.

The Tracking was introduced in October 2008, with an innovative Mail BarCode that allows to track the mail all around its travel to reach the destination. USPS contracts with FedEx for air transport of Priority and Express mails, even though FedEx and UPS are its direct competitors. The USPS is the first to introduce the Automatic Postal Services as well.

The USPS always stays up-to-date with the Stamp prints, and new changes in the delivery based on the Weight, Distance and item as well. You can even order the stamps online, and track your package online. It even provides you with all the information you need online with its website (provided the link below).

Although the USPS has a great competition from its competitors like the UPS and Fed-Ex, the USPS is said to have the top position yet. Being a Government agency, it is the most preferred one for the residents of Americans.

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