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Saturday, 12 March 2016 12:56

Verify GHMC Property Tax dues and Pay Online

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GHMC Property Tax Dues -

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has introduced new services for the Citizens of Hyderabad to pay their property taxes in online. A revolutionary reform taken by Telangana government in making all the property taxes, name changes, tax receipt download in online.


How to pay your ghmc property tax dues in online:

1.Go to the (or) click the below link to access.

2.Choose the Circle Number and enter the Property Tax Identification Number(PTIN).

3.If you don't know the PTIN then search by owner name and door number.

4.Unique PTIN/ASMT is alloted each Tax Assessee. New PTIN is a 10 digit number where as old PTIN is a 14 digit number.

Procedure to calculate annual ghmc property tax dues:

1.Go to the (or) click the below link to access.

2.Enter the Circle Number, Locality, Classification of Building and Building Nature of Use.

3.Enter Occupation Type, Area, Building Type, Age of the Building, Occupatation Certificate.

4.It will open new window and provide all the required tax dues.

Citizens of Hyderabad can use the following links to access GHMC Property Tax portals 24/7 and all 365 days:

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