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Saturday, 21 May 2016 05:24


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Advantages of using Speed Test Net through online:

Whether you’ve got your new Internet connection or already have an internet connection, you would have come around the term “Speed of the Internet” provided to you (the internet plan you’re using). You would have already set up a plan, but you would always have a doubt raising, “Do my Internet speed meter match with what the ISP has informed me?” Here ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. To know the speeds, you would rather go to download certain file from the internet and notice the download speeds. It has come a thing of the Past. Everything has changed once Speedtest has been launched. Been in work since the early 2006, and has been launched by the Network tester globally OOKLA, it gives you exact speeds of your Internet Connection. It is said that around 8 billion speed tests have been conducted through the website www.speedtest.net till 2015. It ranks at the top positions in the total worldwide websites standing at 291 globally.

Once you type the address in your Browser bar, and hit enter, you can see a Webpage with Ads all around the Page, with a button showing you, “BEGIN TEST” in the middle. Once you click on it, the test begins. It first selects the best server available around for your connection, and then tests the Ping, next your Download Speed and Upload Speed as well. Shows them out in Digital and Graphical Formats and you can adjust the one with which you feel comfortable. Download Speed is generated by measuring the asdl speed test from the server to the user computer, through the Internet using.


Upload Speed is generated by measuring the data internet speed or dsl speed test from the User computer to the Server, through the connected internet. The Website is made available in languages namely in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Indonesian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch. You can switch between the one you feel easy. The best things about the Website that differentiates it from any other alternatives are:

1. Providing accurate and better results than the other competitors available.

2. It shows you up your IP address without going anywhere else to find it out.

3. It even lets you test the same connection again and again really fast and easy to compare the accuracy and exactness.

4. You can even share your result online on Facebook, Twitter or even embed the link or share your Speedtest link around the internet.

5. You can adjust the parameters namely Language of the site, Time Zone, Select manually the best server, change the units of data speeds and Save them to get still perfect results.

Registration is another important thing from the Speedtest, which is an Optional thing though! You can perform Speedtest without registration too. But you may have a doubt raising up asking, what are the uses of Registration?

a. You can have a Site nickname, a unique username with which you can participate in SpeedWave, a global internet speed comparable platform.

b. You can manage all your different connections under a single account by naming each connection of yours a different name for pretty easier identification.

Anyone across the globe can use the following link to access SPEEDTEST online 24/7 and all 365 days:


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