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Saturday, 18 June 2016 05:10

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Importance of DDOREQ Telangana / DDO Account:

DDO Request is nothing but Directorate of Treasury and Accounts for Telangana governments for preparing the salaries of State Government Employees and shortly named as "DDOREQ Telangana".  In order to avoid redtapism and middlemen influence in Government sector it has to be accept the technical change and technology usage which should be applied in every division of government sectors. The appropriate usage of technology also makes the supreme body i.e DDO Request Telangana which plays a pivotal role in issuing the salaries for state government employees.

The main job of Principal Accounts Office (PAO) is to examine the Telangana Treasury and then accepting the bills after verifying all. If you enter wrong Information then the respective bills will be examined by the PAO and if it fails verification then the amount will not be credited for the employees account. DDOREQ Telangana is also conducts financial audits for Telangana government for processing of salary payments, pensions and other payments from the treasury department.

After the complete authentication given by PAO against Treasury DDO Telangana then the employee salaries will be paid. Now all this is done through online by TS Governments which will be very useful to employees to enter their Information in ddorequest.


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