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Wednesday, 17 June 2015 11:21

Comedy is Remedy of all Tensions

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Comedy, laughter and humor helps us a lot to stay healthy, and also distresses all our emotions. Comedy is like a electricity which recharges our mind and heart. Modern life style changed our life and we are running for money and not having time for ourselves. Job tensions, family tensions making us so depressed and creating a lot of health problems physically and mentally. comedy relaxes us from all these tensions and gives positive energy. We should bring lot of humor in our life which keeps our mind more stronger, as we will be more happy and we will keep angry, tensions and jealousy aside.

When we are in tension if we listen to a joke we will forget all our problems as laughter is more powerful medicine to our brain and deletes all our stress.When we are depressed if we see any comedy film or listen to jokes it pumps our energy and gives positive hope in our life. Now,there is great demand for comedy movies as they are becoming more success than any other, as our life is full of tensions and so we would like to laugh by seeing movie for 2 hours we will be in other world forgetting whatever the problems in our life.

Bringing more humor in our life helps us to stay emotionally healthy. Comedy unites people and can make our relationships stronger. Comedy is like a virus which can easily spread from one person to another person. Humor brings togetherness in a family and make atmosphere so happy removing all our sadness, tensions and quarrels. As our life became so hectic in office especially in all fields causing lot of heart problem and not spending quality time with family and friends. So we should be more cautious about our health and remedy for this is to play jokes and laugh with our office friends that brings lot of energy.

A smile can make two enemies to forget all their hatred, differences and make friends. Incorporating more humor and play in our daily life can improve quality of love relationship between our family members, friends and co-workers. Laughing with others is more powerful than laughing alone. When we are in stress we can over come that by 

a) Watching a funny movie or a comedy serial in TV (like Jabardasth in Telugu, comedy nights with Kapil in Hindi Tom and Jerry in English)

b) Reading joke books, comedy romantic novels.

c) Moving with funny people.

d) Going to laughter club.

e) Playing with kids and remembering our embarrassing moments.

f) Spending time with pets.

g) Sharing good jokes with friends.

comedy is like a medicine and removes all our illness in our body and brain. It improves the function of blood vessels and makes our heart strong and healthy. Comedy resolves all our psychological problems and make us lighter from all tesnions. Laughter is free medicine for all our tensions. So,always keep smiling and make others smile.

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