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Monday, 29 June 2015 03:13

Autoplay Video Launched by Twitter

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This feature made Twitter to attract more users and bridging their revenue. Twitter executed the new autoplay video concept as to attract more users like Facebook and YouTube so that it can generate more ad revenue income. Even it is generated with more no of users but twitter failed to get more revenue. With this new change Twitter can play all the native videos like GIF's and vines on the user timelines.

After introducing this autoplay video concept twitter noticed so many users watching videos in new format just clicking the play button at much higher rate and made publishing and brand partners more happy with improved users at lower cost per views than other competitors.

At the beginning of the video it will be on mute but we can add sound to it when the user watch it on a full screen mode. The option of sharing it to others is also available, which can generate more users to the twitter. Initially this feature is available on iOS devices and web and later it will extend to the Android platform.


Autoplay Video Launched by Twitter

The initial test was conducted randomly on limited number of people and found that people are more attracted with this autoplay function than the prior format. The promoted videos are mostly watched by the more number of users in full format of autoplay mode. This is a extra feature for twitter to extend their limited market share of the $150 billion digital advertising globally.

Twitter will charge the users per video when it is watched fully or more than 3 seconds and it won't charge if the video is played less than 3 seconds or even half of the video is watched. This distinct pricing policy of twitter attracting more advertisers to display their brand to provide value for their marketers.

Autoplay videos worked very well for Facebook and other social media networks and could do the same for Twitter as well. Twitter is going to charge when minimum of 3 min video is completed as others are charging if 50% of its on the screen for over 2 seconds. In Twitter there is a third party verification to know whether the users are viewing the ads, so that it can ensure the transparency and it can endorse more brands to spend their advertising dollars.

For displaying videos, Twitter is struggling to compete with YouTube and Facebook as there are having huge number of followers. In order to boost their revenue twitter ensured their advertisers that it cannot charge if their ad page video is viewed for 50% and it only charges if 100% view of video is completed. The ad buyers are not happy with the Facebook and google as they measure their viewer rate by their own software's but the ad advertisers wants independent companies to verify the viewer following video ads. The new feature of autoplay video in Twitter can boost their revenue and can compete with other social networking sites.

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