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Monday, 27 July 2015 11:45

Top 10 dangerous viruses in Computer Industry

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Most of the online transactions which includes business or personal are happening over online. Now a days human interactions starts with internet in any forms like email tracking, Online Banking and Status updates in social Networking websites. As you know that Internet is having its won set of risks like virus, hacking e.t.c. As you know that not all the viruses are created equal amount of damage but some viruses have produced billions of dollars in damage. Here is the following list of Top 10 expensive viruses of all the time and how ever you need to be very careful in future when the same instance repeats.


Mydoom is the most dangerous virus in computer industry which caused approximately 44 Billions losses in 125 countries. Mydoom virus is commissioned by email spammers which sends junk emails automatically from infected computers. The worm contains the text message and many people believed that it is true and later it kills the entire data in computer systems. Several security firms expressed that the worm is originated from Russia. Till now the author of the worm is unknown.


Another dangerous and expensive computer virus is sobig. In 2003 sobig virus caused approximately $37 billions losses. This virus spread thru emails very fast which will send spam emails and copy the files automatically which causes heavy damages in software and hardware industries. This worm software written in Microsoft Visual C++ program to contact unknown IP address automatically which installs unknown programs in our systems. Microsoft announced that they will pay $250,000 for the creator to get arrested for the SOBIG worm. Till date could not trace the creator of the SOBIG virus.


Iloveyou is an another malicious virus that spread very fast through emails and file sharing. ILOVEYOU is also known as Love Letter which is a computer worm that attacks millions of personal computers in Philippines through emails with the subject line as "ILOVEU". When you open the email it will directly attacks the Microsoft outlook address book and it will send emails automatically to other people then deletes the important data in personal computers. This virus reached approximately 45 millions people in single day. Then immediately security systems have updated their virus software and informed us to scan all the personal computers so that they can save their data.


Conficker is also known as Downup, Downadup and Kido is a computer worm that spread virus very fast and targeting the Microsoft Operating systems only. This virus caused approximately 2 Billions damage losses in 200 counties. Hackers exploit the weakness in Microsoft operating systems and written a small program to kill important data in Government, Private and home computers.

Code Red: 

Code Red is a another computer worm on the internet, which attacks computers running with Microsoft IIS Webserver. This virus caused approximately $2 billion damages in 2001. Hackers exploit the weakness in Microsoft IIS Webserver and written a program to break the computer networks. Once virus infected into personal computer or machine, it can easily look for other machines which are connected in to the same networks. The number of infected hosts reached approximately 360,000.

Top 10 dangerous viruses in Computer IndustryTop 10 dangerous viruses in Computer Industry


Melissa is also known as Mailissa, Simpsons is a mass mailing macro virus that sent out infected Microsoft word documents through Microsoft Outlook which delivers virus messages to everyone listed in outlook address book.  You feel that message is coming from the outlook owner but it was really from Melissa Virus. This virus caused approximately $1.2 billion damages and 20% of computers world wide got infected.


Sircam is computer worm that sends an email from Microsoft windows systems. It affect computers running with Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows Millennium operating systems. This virus caused approximately $1 billion damage. This virus has ability to delete the information and it occupies free space on your hard drive, so that you can not store any thing else.

SQL Slammer: 

International Banks got affected with SQL Slammer virus. Due to this Internet speed got reduced drastically across the globe. SQL Slammer is a computer virus that caused approximately $750 million in damage and it affects 2 million computers world wide.


Nimda is a computer virus that caused internet traffic slowdown due to this internet browsing time to slow significantly. This virus caused $640 millions in damage world wide. Nimda virus affected both workstations i.e. clients running on windows 95, 98, 2000 or XP and servers running on windows NT and 2000. As you know the worm's name orgin comes from reversed spelling of "ADMIN".


Sasser is a computer worm on the internet which attacks personal and office computers running on Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 2000. This virus caused $500 millions in damages and British Coast Guard Mapping system got failed. Due to this numerous flights got canceled. The creator of the computer worm is a teenager from Germany was arrested for writing the worm.

The bottom line is Internet is very very essential now a days doing anything like checking bank statement, Status update in social media networking sites e.t.c. But if the personal computer is affected or attacked with virus you can n't perform any activity. So please use the proper anti virus software and continue to browse safely on internet. 

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