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Tuesday, 11 August 2015 08:57

Encourage Sports - Enhances Physical & Mental Ability

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Sports is one of the most popular activity in the world. People are more interested to sports because it kills our time and also improves our physical and mental health. In earlier days sports are more popular and even the kings also shown the interest in playing sports. Now a days people are more interested in computer games and gadgets and are not having any bonding between people and are becoming lazy causing lot of health problems like obesity. Parents should encourage children to show interest towards sports from childhood along with studies. We are giving priority only towards marks and ranks and not encouraging our children towards sports. It is not a good sign towards children's health. As studies are becoming burden to the children and spending most of the in schools and tutions. Children need some mental relaxation from studies and sports are the best alternative. The children can come out from stress and can also make new friends. Sports are one of the best choice to make our body & mind active.

Today's life has become so mechanical and we are not having time even to interact with our family members and so once in a week if we spend time in playing some indoor or outdoor games with family it increases bonding among family members. There are many kinds of sports i.e. indoor or outdoor sports. The people can choose any kind of sports accordingly to their interest. Chess can increases the sharpness and concentration levels in children which helps in their education also. So many sports are popular now a days like cricket, tennis, long tennis, table tennis and badminton. Sports also make us to interact with new friends. As you know that each country has one national sports and Indians worship cricket and they are crazy about cricket. The Indian boys show lot of interest in cricket and we should encourage them because now a days even sports are making persons are more popular and their earnings are more  than any other field. Saching Tendulkar, Saina Nehawal, Dhoni, Sania Mirza,Beckham,Maria sharapova ..are more popular in their respective sports and are one of the richest in world. They all from small and middle class family and their interest towards sports made them show popular and Richest.

Encourage Sports - Enhances Physical & Mental Ability

Parents always want to see their children as Doctors & Engineers and not a sports person. The wrong thinking should go then the children will be attracted more towards sports. The games like cricket, chess, kabaddi, football and basket ball brings a lot of change in children behavior. They will be more active physically and their mind also works without any tension as all their stress will be washed out while playing games and their competitive spirit will be increased. Sports can increases mental alertness and competitive spirit will be enhanced in children if they play sports regularly. We are seeing lot of change in our food habits and we are more relaying on packaged and synthetic food which causing lot of physical obesity. The youth and children more attracted to junk food and not showing any good healthy eating habits. To curb this obesity make them physical fit encouraging children in sports as it is best choice. The government and private schools and colleges should encourage sports especially schools should encourage children towards sports and should also give marks and grades as a subject. Then the children & parents definitely take sports seriously.

We are neglecting sports and we have a mindset what we will get if we encourage our children towards sports. The negative thinking should go first, as the sports increases their physical nature and also it teaches what wrong steps taken and make the game loss can be applied to his life practically and can avoid taking wrong steps. It increases mental maturity and vanishes innocence and makes children to be more brave and active. There are so many sports channels and sports news which gives us lot of information about sports. Sports can bring two people & two countries together resolving their differences and make them friends. In India we are seeing lot of change and people are showing more interest towards sports. Even the countries also organizing so many sports events like Olympic games, Asian games and Common wealth games. The people from different countries participate in this sports event and make their country proud.

Even the working people has to show more interest towards sports because as our life style has changed a lot and made us lazy and playing games, it relaxes our mind and body from all tensions. Sports can change introverts into extroverts which helps the children in their career building. Sports helps us to increase the communication skills and helps to mingle with all kind of people and helps in understanding their nature. Determination, patience, hard work and dedication are key to success and it can be learnt by sports. There are so many sports academies have been coming to encourage children towards sports. Western countries like USA, Germany, UK e.t.c. encourage sports a lot and they have well sophisticated training equipment. To make their citizens no 1 in world champions. In this scenario India is lagging behind even we have people showing lot of talent and interest and are not coming into limelight because of negligence attitude towards sports and India should allocate some budget towards training the sports person and should encourage sports which enhances our physical and Mental ability.

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