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Wednesday, 14 February 2018 06:39

Motu Patlu Ki Jodi

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Motu Patlu Video Play Games

Motu Patlu is the most famous situation comedy animated television series show in India, which telecast on Nickelodeon and Vasantham which is produced my Cosmos-Maya. Series been inspired from the classic comic strip on Lot Pot which was premiered on 16-Oct-2012 and the very first episode was "John Banega Don" which emphasises on two best friends, Motu and Patlu residing in the fictional city Furfuri Nagar. The series director is Ronojoy Chakraborty and theme music composer is Sandesh Shandilya and produced by Deepa Sahi and Anish JS Mehta. Sukhwinder Singh sang the theme song "Motu Aur Patlu Ki Jodi" and very popular kids show in India.

The main two characters in the story are Motu and Patlu, both are very best friends living in Furfuri Nagar. The main plot of the story is how they tangle themselvs in comical situations and with sheer luck they come out of it. The local chaiwala makes best samosas in the city which is the favourite food of Motu and often steals them to fill his apetite. Motu is the problem maker of the duo and Patlu who always aids his friend by solving them. The other characters Ghasitaram, Chingam and Dr. Jhatka also helps the duo.


Ghasitaram misdirects and forces them to invest by trying Dr.Jhatka's vast repertoire of quirky gadgets and gizmos. Motu garners energy and strength temporarily every time after he eats samosas. The negative character in the series is a criminal name "John the Don" who always been assisted by two dull-witted henchmen, Number One and Number Two. His aim is to become a super criminal but always his ambition has been shattered by Motu Patlu alien powers who are the heroes of the series by exposing his criminal plans.

The characters in motu patlu new cartoon film are listed below:

  • Motu: Plump man who serves as the one of the show's central protagonists.
  • Patlu: Slim man who serves as the one of the show's main protagonists.
  • Dr. Jhatka: Dr. Jhatka is an eccentric scientist.
  • Ghasitaram: 20 years of experience in every field but none of the experience is useful to anyone.
  • Chingum: is a police inspector.
  • Chaiwala: Who lives near Motu's house. He makes Motu's favorite samosas and Patlu's favorite tea.
  • John: John the Don serves as the main antagonist of the show.
  • Number 1: Is John's goon who serves as the one of the supporting antagonists.
  • Number 2: Is John's goon who rarely speaks.
  • Boxer: Is a Motu's neighbour who wears red boxing gloves, a white tank top, and red pants with vertical yellow stripes.
  • Bubblegum: He is the father of Chingum and the commissioner of police of the area comprising Furfuri Nagar and adjoining villages.
  • Hera Singh: He is an Hawaldar of Inspector Chingum.
  • Pheri lal: He is an Hawaldar of Inspector Chingum.
  • Sabziwali: She sells best vegetables in the whole Furfuri Nagar.
  • Additional characters include Mayor Mr. Singh, the Chief Minister, and Chhotu.

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