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Wednesday, 02 September 2015 08:30

Offpage Optimization Importance in SEO

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Important Statistics of Off-page Optimization:

Backlinks: Backlinks are nothing but the links of your webpage in other websites. It can be either in the form of text links or images. The website URL can be the home page or any page of your site and the keyword should always be your own keyword of your webpage for which you want the top ranking in search engines. More the no.of backlinks is better for SEO and infact 90% of SEO is dependent on backlinks. Backlinks are two types

  • Do Follow: These are the backlinks in which there is direct reference to your site
  • No Follow: These are the backlinks where there is no direct reference to your site and in other words the URL is encrypted.

Both the backlinks are equal in value and have same importance in SEO but do understand that by default search engines links are No Follow links that bring zero value in SEO, that is why the search engine backlinks are not counted at all.

Offpage Optimization Importance in SEO

Link Building:

There are 7 ways through which one can develop free one way and quality backlinks for a webpage. Each of these methods are defined in SEO for the website owner to score in Off-page, some times in the list might ask for money or link exchange methods and please avoid such sites because SEO needs only one way free backlinks as natural links.

  • Directory Submissions
  • Article Submission
  • Press Release submissions
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Blog commenting
  • Forum Discussions
  • Profile creations

Directory Submissions: There are set of websites like telephone directory termed as web directory in such sites the list of URL's are stored under each category and sub category. To acquire a backlink from such sites you need to select the right category, sub category and submit the form.

Note: Make sure to give your keyword in the title of the form and in the URL mention the webpage address you are targeting the respective keyword and once the form is submitted the admin is going to review if it approved. The most popular directory submission site is WWW.DOMZ.ORG

Article Submission: There are list of websites are like open blogs meaning in such blogs the admin does not publish the posts rather gives the opportunity for the registered users to login and post in his site and in return acquire a backlink. You require an article of atleast 300 - 400 words for each submission and never copy your other webpage article, if you copy and submit here only 25% sites will approve your link. So please don't do it.

Press Release (PR) submissions: It is nothing but RSS feeds. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an XML file that carries the line duplicate copy of the webpage content or just part of it. The main use of RSS feed is to display live information, live cricket score, news, weather data, gold price, Forex rates, stock market updates e.t.c. from one website to other. The main use of consuming RSS feed is to have updated information in the website while the advantage of giving RSS feed to other is the backlinks. As an SEO professional we aim to get max.no.of subscribers to the  RSS feed of our website so that the latest pages in our websites gets instant backlinks. There are two ways to acquire the links i.e. legal and illegal methods. The legal way is to follow the  top 7 steps and manually acquire each of the link while illegal is to make use of automated software's to develop backlinks. Both the methods will get you the top rank over a period of time but the illegal method the ranking is fast but over a period of time the website goes in SPAM. So only temporary ranking can be expected while with legal the ranking is gradual but permanent and safe.

Social Media Optimization (SMO): It is very important for Offpage optimization and this step is also called as social book marking and networking submissions and list of websites are also termed as "Web 2.0 sites". The websites where one can share personal information too along with the links is termed as ' Social networking' while in social book marking sites only the links can be shared. Both these links are equally important in SEO.

Blog Commenting: Be default at the bottom of every page of the blog you will find the comments box, which is meant for visitors to post any message relevant to the content or interact with the admin or other visitors. The advantages with comments box is to help in auto-update of each page in your website that helps in keeping the users upto date with information. When the content is added or edited in the webpage frequently the indexing rate of the site is improved.

Forum Discussions: There are sites that are based upon discussion boards called as bulletin boards(BBs) or forums. In such sites users participate in the discussion in a group on the topic initiated by the admin. In this one can post reviews, ask questions or give answers or suggestion on the topics.

Profile Creations: Most of the popular search engines, social and popular forums sites have profile pages in them in which the details of the users are shown that he has given while registration. In some of these profile pages there is an option to add our website or webpage links too. The profile backlinks are very powerful and much required for the SEO.

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