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Monday, 07 September 2015 11:36

SEOQuake Importance

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It is a free browser add-on tool that gives you all the important SEO statistics of the webpage or websites as you open in any browser. It can be downloaded at www.seoquake.com



Important Parameters in SEOQuake:


PR<Page Rank>: PR is the most important statistic of any website in the world in short, a website can be valued by its Page Rank and also Alexa rank. Page rank of any webpage is the measure of the link juice (Total value of the backlinks) to the webpage. It ranges from 0-10. It said that the PR is very difficult to achieve. In fact in world there are only few such sites that have a pages with PR of 10. After installing SEOQuake It gives you the PR of the webpage as you opened. Type your keyword in the google and observe the page rank of the top ranking webpages. If they have high PR then such keywords must be avoided for SEO and vice-versa.

GI<Google Index>: It gives the total no.of pages of the website present in google search engine and when clicked on it, you can access through each of the page's SEO parameters and can also 'save' them in excel sheet.

L<Links>: It gives the number of backlinks the page has got.

LD<Link Directory>: It gives the total number of backlinks all the pages of website of the website together has got.

Note: Both 'L' and 'LD' shown by the software are not accurate as the actual number of backlinks might be much higher than what is being shown.

BI<Bing Index>: It gives the total number of pages of the website indexed in Bing search engine.

AR<Alexa Rank>: It gives the world wide alexa ranking of the website among billions of websites registered. Alexa rank is nothing but the world wide popularity rank of the website and it is dependent on SEO and it depends largely on unique traffic of the  website. It is highly considered for ad contracts and estimating the valuation of the website.

AGE: It gives you how old is the domain name. If you find new domains ranking on top such keywords are good for SEO

Delicious Index: It gives you the no.of backlinks like the page acquired from most popular social book marking websites

TW<Twitter Tweets>: It gives you the total number of backlinks for all the pages of the websites together has got from Twitter.com

FL<Facebook Likes>: It gives you the no.of likes the webpage URL has got in Facebook.com

G+1 <Google plus One>: It gives you the no.of +1 votes the webpage URL has got in plus.google.com

Note: The steps 8 to 11 gives the Social Media Optimization power of the website

WHOIS: It gives you the details of the website owner, contact details and domain & hosting details

SOURCE: It gives you the HTML source code of the webpage opened

SEM RUSH RANK: This ranking is based upon the direct visitors to browsers. It is of least important as it is not considered anywhere

Density: It gives you the keyword density statistics of the webpage opened. It is the graphical representation of the keyword density of the webpage, make sure your keywords come at the start and with the biggest Font Size.

Diagnosis: It gives the brief SEO report of the website but not so accurate.

Links <X/Y>: 'X' gives the internal links present in the webpage while 'Y' gives external links


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