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Wednesday, 18 November 2015 10:35

Life is full of IFs and BUTs

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What is Life -> Life is full of Ifs and Buts:

Life to most of us is just a combination of tasks like earning money, studying and recreation e.t.c. And in these tasks, we forget that life is something more and it is a precious gift, and chance to know, explore and experience. Once we move into our mid 20's we gain a whole lot more responsibilities. These responsibilities how much ever we desire them, end up becoming shackles to us. They fill our life with IF's and BUT's and WANT's. They strip us of our freedom  and leave us with unfulfilled dreams. 




I want to tell all of you, this is not the way to live, this is not life. The true essence of life lies in doing what you want to do, when you want to do it. Ifs and Buts restrict us from our true passion. They are like barriers that stop us from doing what we actually want to pursue in life. Experience is the best teacher. A person who focuses on his goal and is determined without thinking about the negativity or using the terms Ifs and Buts and who welcome everything happily are the once who attain success.

On the other hand if people use IF and BUT, they often stop or loose themselves from going ahead. IF and BUT can make you unsuccessful in life. They remove your belief on your own potential. People should replace IF and BUT and always be optimistic. People should look for opportunities and remove the possibility of Ifs and Buts, then success will automatically knock your door. So, replace Ifs and Buts with positive thoughts then our life will be very very successful.

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