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Love is a divine feeling that makes life Beautiful. It brings two people, two countries and enemies together resolving their hatred. Love makes life stronger and  brings Happiness, Joy in a Family and creates bonding between all the members of family to stay forever. Love is unconditional, impartial and lasts long whatever may be the circumstances. Laila-Majnu, Salim-Anarkali, Romeo-Juliet are icons of true love. But, now our modern life is materialistic and each relation is bonding with Money and not Love. Now the entire world is revolving around money and there is no value for True Love. Modern love happens seeing balance sheet and not character.Money has never made man happy.The love towards money and luxuries is the root cause of all evils. Love is not evil but when people love with ignorance results evil. As Jonathan said "A wise person should have money in their head but not in their heart".

Our Lifestyle has changed and it has brought a lot of differences in our life and every body are looking for luxuries and not for True Love which stays forever. Especially in teenagers Love is happening seeing Pocket not Heart. As we all know that people especially teenagers of this generation only are attracted to glittery stuff like cars, phones or branded stuff and aspire for a materialistic life. In today's life people are attracted to their partners background like money, property e.t.c. and ignore the qualities in the person itself. People are coming to know each other in social networking sites seeing their fake profile pictures. They start their relation by seeing their dressing, bikes, cars and luxury lifestyle. There is a quid pro quo in every relation. They are looking for what benefit they get to start a relation and ignoring the good qualities. It is just a infatuation and not true love.

Modern Love Happens Seeing Pocket n't Heart

The harsh truth of today's society is love only happens seeing money and not the character or quality , they only think that love is only true when they share gifts or go to a hi-fi-restaurant e.t.c. Now,irrespective of gender everybody are looking for a high life style and choosing a partner who fulfills their desires. There is no place for compromise and honesty. They are meeting in parties and looking at their bank balance to start a relation. They spend their time in going for a long drive,  coffee shops, Malls, Hotels and pubs. What are they going to get with that whether it is 'TRUE LOVE'? No, they just want to show off their money and if they know the other person can't fulfill his desires, they breakup and start a new relation. It doesn't matter about money, having it or not, having clothes or cars but you will be left alone with yourself in the end as money can't buy true love. Truth is always bitter but we have to accept it.

The foundation of any relationship is honesty and love which makes any relation to last long .Now, the bonding between people is money related which is temporary. It is not only happening in teenagers even between wife and husband, parents and children. Every relation ship is linked with money and not heart. Even nobody is looking for a character, kind-hearted and well behaved persons.The most comfortable place in the world is with your beloved. The love between two persons stays long only if they love seeing heart not pocket.

"All that glitters is not gold"..


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