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Monday, 08 June 2015 07:06

24/7 News - Sense or Non Sense

News is very important these days. It is almost the first thing that greets you in the morning! News keeps us informed of what is taking place around us. It tells us of political events, sensational events, etc. Even the advertisements have their value. In these days a news is indispensable to life. News serve many purposes. They wield much influence and power. They keep us informed of what is happening in other parts of the country and the world. They give us information about the latest inventions, researches, discoveries, etc. Business, in modern times, cannot thrive without advertisement. Thus, news is also a good deal in trade. They build the nation and also guide the Government of the country, So they generally make healthy criticisms of the activities of the Government. They point out its mistakes and set it on the right path. The importance of News can never be denied. They serve as a link between the people and the Government.In Earlier days there were newspapers and radios which gave right information to people. As technology developed it helped in invention of television, doordarshan channel transmitted news that telecast only one hour per day. After globalization and digitalization so many news channels are prevailing in India.

More than 90 news channels present across India. So, there is minute to minute information on what is going around the world. News might be related to business, politics, sports, health or entertainment and there are creating awareness among people.It is true that because of 24/7 channels we are so informative about our government welfare schemes,political conditions, economic conditions, weather conditions about our state and country.These news channels keep alarming us about crime and political corruption.


The citizens of our country are crazy about cricket and  during the world cup we come to know the score anytime even if we miss watching any game in sports like tennis, football, Asian games, common wealth games and Olympic games we can easily know the winners by these news channels. During the kargil war the people used to watch the news every hour and this instilled patriotism in people  towards our country. Maggi which is a part of our daily life had a high sodium content which is very harmful to our brain and we came to know by these news channels and the government of India has decided to ban maggi. This news can be reached to each nook and corner of the country. So,if there is any agitation against any government, Policies can be spread to other parts of the states and the government can roll back any decision which is harmful to the country.

There is no doubt that 24/7 channels are creating a sensation but at the same time they are creating nonsense. There are so many channels now a days and to increase the television ratings, there is lot of competition among channels for that they are making breaking news which are not true. Each news channel is affiliated to one political party and they keep talking about their party and do not giving any other news. If one channel is affiliated to one ruling party they are only giving the success of their government schemes  and they are not giving news about the failures of other ruling parties.

some news channels are giving hype to one political party and making People Psychologically hate that party. It is very harmful to the democracy as we are not able to judge the correct news as one channel is giving one kind and the others are giving different. If any crime happens they can give news but they are high lightning the criminal and continuously telecasting it. As they have to give news 24/7 sometimes they telecast the personal gossips to increase their television ratings. During any communal riots they should not telecast any kind of news so the hatred won't spread but now a days the news channels are continuously telecasting and the riots are spreading to other areas. The governments have to maintain some internal secrecy that are very confidential but these channels are airing as breaking news and it helps our enemies.

24/7 news channels are very informational and sensational in our daily life as our life starts with watching news in morning but at the same time there should not be  any  nonsensical news. This will be very useful in building a healthy country. 24/7 news channels definitely have rights to telecast the news according to the right to information act, but at the same time they should not misuse any act for their benefit. So,we also should judge the right news coming in different channels and the government also should control the telecast of unwanted news which then will surely make sense.

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