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Amazon Quiz Answers 08-Mar-2021 | Chance to 5,000 Pay Balance

Amazon Quiz Answers 08-Mar-2021 & Chance to win 5,000 Pay Balance:

The Amazon Quiz Answers for 08 March 2021 is Live Now! You can play the Amazon Quiz Answers and chance to Win 5,000 Pay Balance. If you are looking for the correct answers, here are all the 5 correct answers to the Amazon Quiz Answers.

Amazon Quiz Answers Time Daily @ 24 HRS on 08 Mar 2021 Chance to Win 5,000Amazon Quiz Answers Time Daily @ 24 HRS on 08 Mar 2021 Chance to Win 5,000

Here are the steps to play the Amazon Quiz Answers & Chance to Win 5,000 Pay Balance:

1. Download the Amazon App From the Google Play Store OR the Apple Store.

2. Open & Sign In To The Amazon App or Login.

3. Search for “Funzone Section" in the App & find the quiz.

4. There Will be a total of 5 Questions.

5. Answer all the questions correctly then you will be able To Enter The Lucky Draw.

Amazon Quiz Answers Contest Details:
  • Prizes – Rs.5,000/ Amazon Pay Balance
  • Quiz Based on - General Knowledge
  • Amazon Quiz Answers Contest Date – 08-Mar-2021
  • Contest Prize – Rs.5,000/ Amazon Pay Balance
  • Result – 09-March-2021
Amazon Quiz Answers 08 March 2021 chance to win Rs.5,000/ Amazon Pay Balance:

Question 1: Rishiganga Hydroelectric Project, in news recently, is located in which Indian state?

Answer 1: Uttarakhand

Question 2: Which country recently unveiled a plan to build the world’s largest offshore wind power plant by 2030?

Answer 2: South Korea

Question 3: Ayesha Aziz from Kashmir recently became India’s youngest woman to become what, at the age of 25?

Answer 3: Pilot

Question 4: With which of these scientists, would you associate the invention of this device?

Answer 4: Emile Berliner

Question 5: Name this iconic landmark situated in Australia

Answer 5: Sydney Harbour Bridge

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