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Happy Birthday Wishes

A joyous, happy, emotional moment by parents when a baby was born. A one more new life started on the earth with his crying, naughty smile as an infant. The only day your mothers smiled when you cried. The most happiest occasion experienced by parents and they expect a lot from the moment they gave birth to a baby. The birth date is the time and exact date on which the baby was born and the birthday is the anniversary celebrations that will be done every year. What to wish for birthday as age doesn't matter and the birthday is birthday and all our friends, relatives and well wishers sends greetings  through flowers, sweets, chocolates and cards. Everybody celebrates the fist birthday of a child very grandly and the baby is so small that they can't understand what is that occasion even then we celebrate it as a grand affair to share happiest moment with our friends and relatives.

The time doesn't wait for anyone and we all become older along with time. As the age increases responsibilities and problems starts and it is never ending process but who over comes from it will be successful in life. It is a happiest movement and celebrates the birthday happily as he/her accomplished his/her duties and reached the goal. That is the way of remembering our birthday by everyone. Celebrating birthday is not a great thing but understanding what we have done to our family, our society is most important and trying to remove our negatives in our life and making our next birthday is the real celebration. The real meaning of celebration on our birthday is helping the needy and poor people and seeing the joy and happiness in their eyes is the best moment and it is the way of thanking god for giving a beautiful life.

Happy Birthday Wishes

We all know that a Birth-day is a day when a person is born. There is no doubt in it. But, how many are celebrating their birthdays happily? Celebration doesn't just mean to have a party or a treat with the friends or relatives or dearly beloved. Celebration is a feel or Vibe of Love, that sprouts out from a person's heart. Everyone should celebrate their birthday and stay really happy on the day they were born. We do celebrate many number of birthdays of different people who got us independence, who made great progress in their fields and some of them are the Engineers day, Doctors Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Ambedkar Jayanti etc..Why not you should celebrate your won birthday in that way?

Everyone is unique for their own selves. None in this world is bad/good, it just happens by the way they are brought up with or the surroundings in which are they have grown. Whatever the problem you do have, you should celebrate your Birthday. Using peace of paper you can write simple Happy Birthday Wishes in English like below. A Person can merely enjoy two occasions relating to him personally.

One, his Birthday - a day a year.
Another, his Marriage Day - A Day in a Lifetime.
Both are most precious ones, which stay memorable for a long time. Celebrating your Birthday in your childhood, with your classmates by distributing the chocolates, cutting the cake, while all sing aloud the following happy birthday wishers song ..

"Sing, Sing, Sing, We Sing a Song of Joy, Wishing You a Very Happy Birthday. May the Lord Bless you Always Forever, We wish you same All the Time"

would be very memorable when you become an adult. Make every Birthday of yours memorable by spending some time with friends, giving out a small treat or so. It doesn't matter how grandly you have celebrated your Birthdays. What matters is how you felt when you are happy around with everyone. Birthday is the Day where you are Special for Everyone, especially yourselves. So, never ever make your birthday go normal. Plan something different(not something big) that would make it every time Wonderful. Likewise, make everyday of yours a Special Day!  The best and funny birthday quotes are..

"Birthdays are always nature's way of telling us to eat more and more cakes"

"Few women always admit their age but Few men act theirs"

Happy Birthday everyone for the Lifetime!!


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