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Aahar Jharkhand

Digitization of all services at one place - Aahar Jharkhand

The Food and Civil Supplies Department is a department of the Government Secretariat, in the state of Jharkhand, India. Now entire India introduced Aadhaar-based bio-metric authentication is now mandatory for most users of the public distribution system (PDS) in Jharkhand. Latest survey, this paper examines various issues related to this measure, including exclusion problems, transaction
costs, and its impact on corruption. The findings raise serious questions about the appropriateness of this technology for rural Jharkhand. Now Government of Jharkhand introduced Aahar Jharkhand online through which, you can track number of ration card holders, ration card status, total number of families having rasan card, total number of family having aadhar cards in Jharkhand, total number of transactions, total number of dealers and total number of Depot easily.
Aahar Jharkhand

Key Features of Aahar Jharkhand:

  • See the district level data in Aahar Jharkhand easily
  • Data available in any time
  • Get the updated data on daily basis in Aahar Jharkhand
  • Download easily with query options to excel sheet
  • It saves lot of time and very easy to use

Aahar Jharkhand access available 24/7 and all 365 days.



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