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A ringtone is an alert or sound that is usually arises by any telephone when we receive a call / text. This happens when there is an incoming call so that we know someone is trying to contact us. Landlines usually have the typical old sounds that alert, us where as in mobile phones we have the facility to change the ringtone to anything of our choice. With the growth in technology this has been made possible. Without calls not a single day is possible, hence with ringtones we can easily know when to answer calls. They help us distinguish callers and help us identify if its ours by just the ringtone itself. The two types of ringtones include Monophonic ringtones are simple ringtones that are most commonly used and Polyphonic ringtones are usually many tunes at once that have the funtions of a CD. There are a number of ringtones available according to our interest and we can choose from them. We now, have the chance to even compose our own ringtone with the necessary softwares! Hence the concept of ringtones play a major role and make our life easier.

Top 10 Latest Ringtones - Download your best ringin tone now:

Emotional Ringtone

Indian Army Ringtone

IPhone Ringtone

Lord Krishna Flute Ringtone

Love You Ringtone

Mothers Love Ringtone

Nokia Ringtone

Radhe Krishna Ringtone

Romantic Ringtone

Sad Ringtone

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