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MYHPCL Mini | HPCL Business Portal

Welcome to HPCL Business Portal:

Redefining the way to access the employee portal, we bring to you the “MyHPCL Mini” or HPCL Business Portal Login Page app that is developed in both Android and IOS. It is a single platform that caters to both Regular and Retired employees. Frequently used menus like employee search, BTS, Medical claim status, TH/HH booking etc. Apart from the HP Retail Business unit, the HPCL Sales portal includes other units like the Lubes, LPG and Aviation. HP Lubricants offers a prepaid card, called Drive Track Plus Loyalty Card Program, to its customers where they can get complete fleet management. Users can search any of the keywords to visit this page. 
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Benefits of MYHPCL Mini:
  • HPCL Management can view their sales-related information
  • Set up a direct deposit 
  • Update personal information, such as mailing address, date of birth, email id, etc.
  • Employee tasks are provided on daily basis at Welcome to HPCL Business Portal
  • Company yearly holidays are updated
  • Wonderful discounts to the employee of HPCL
  • All employees can be in touch with each other 
  • Exchange innovative thoughts and ideas
  • Post your questions and wait for the answers from other employees
  • Explore new ideas
  • HPCL provides health insurance, pension plan, and medical and dental benefits
How do I access HPCL Business Portal?
  • Visit MYHPCL Mini page using sales.hpcl.co.in/bportal/index_sales.jsp
  • Use Notebook, Desktop or Smartphone with reliable internet access
  • Enter the Username
  • Type the password of your account
  • Click on the “Sign In” button
PURPOSE: MYHPCL Mini | HPCL Business Portal serves several purposes. It is a welcoming point for new customers as well as existing applicants. 

LOGIN: It allows new applicants to register for a logon ID and password. 

Password: The use of strong passwords is therefore essential in order to protect your security and identity. The best security in the world is useless if a malicious person has a legitimate user name and password.... Ensure you use strong passwords, and most importantly do not disclose them to anyone else.

ID or Usernames: The main issue with usernames is that they are public, not hidden like your passwords. Reusing the same username makes it easier for malicious actors to build your online profile. It also makes it easier for advertisers and random people to find and track you online.

LOGOUT: It disables the permission to do specific operations. You will now become an anonymous user after logging out.

MYHPCL Mini | HPCL Business Portal access is available on all days through the links below:
HPCL Business Portal
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