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PFMLogin – Peoplenet Fleet Manager Complete Information


Benefits of Peoplenet PFM | PFMLogin eLD:

Logistics plays an important role for every successful businessman’s life. For hassle free transport use Peoplenet Trimble arrive with People Fleet Manager (PFMLogin), so that we can receive quick solutions for our transport issues. PFMLogin provides plenty of amazing solutions as they are leaders in logistics businesses.


How to access Peoplenet PFM:

  • Visit Peoplenet Fleet page using pfmlogin.com
  • Use Notebook, Desktop or Smartphone with reliable internet access to use arise agent portal
  • Enter the Username
  • Type the password of your account
  • Click on the “Sign In” button.

Advantages of choosing Peoplenet Fleet Manager (PFM):

  • Inventory management
  • Navigation and routing for Real-time Tracking's
  • Vehicle financing & Management
  • Claim, Driver, Dispatch & Fuel management
  • Prompt Vehicle maintenance
  • Vehicle Mileage inspection
  • PFM has no annual maintenance charges
  • Drivers can track time-sheet and status in online
  • Track Driver shift timings in online
  • The fleet manager manages all costs and get maximum profits for vehicle owners
  • Send SMS and emails to Drivers

PFMLogin / Peoplenet PFM is available on all days through the links below:

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