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KlikBCA Individual


Benefits of using Bank Central Asia net banking through Klik BCA Individual:

PT Bank Central Asia TBK, commonly known as Bank Central Asia (BCA) is an Indonesian bank founded on 21 February 1957 and currently having 25,000 employees with about 1250 branches with 18000 ATMs approximately. It is considered as the largest privately owned bank in Indonesia. BCA is a member of Indonesia Deposit Insurance Program. The KeyBCA is a token-based authentication that generates a unique password every time a transaction is made. Accessing BCA mobile is very simple, convenient and Easy. KlikBCA individual BCA login is nothing but Bank Central Asia Banking services for the benefit of customers to access and transact their personal account details 24/7 without having to move physically and also helped in time saving for all 365 days.

KlikBCA Individual

How can I open KlikBCA mobile banking?

  • Online help for about KlikBCA branches
  • Downloaded the BCA mobile application
  • Registered for m-BCA via BCA ATM/BCA Branch for non-financial transactions
  • Having activated the financial transactions at a BCA Branch Office to be able to conduct financial transactions
  • An Android or iPhone smartphone user.
  • A GSM operator's customer

Security features of BCA mobile:
  • Customer is required to enter 6 digit access code to secure access to the m-BCA menu
  • Customer is also required to enter 6 digit a personal identification number (PIN) created by the customer
KlikBCA Individual providing following features for the benefit of customers:

  • Using KlikBCA app you can access your accounts by logging into KlikBCA Net Banking
  • By using KlikBCA NetBanking customer can know the balance enquiry of the respective accounts
  • Customer can check easily last one month transactions using KlikBCA Internet Banking
  • Customer can see easily his/her account statement by logging using KlikBCA
  • Customer can easily apply home loans, credit card, car and bike loans by accessing KlikBCA Internet Banking with out going to bank.
  • By logging into KlikBCA Internet Banking customer can cancel their credit or debit cards online with out going to bank physically
KlikBCA Indivisual access is available on all days through the link below:

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